The SCI Print & Mail-or-Fax Order Form

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Merchandise Ordered See Catalog for descriptions; see Ordering Information for prices, etc.

Space Craft SCIENCE KITs
(Online versions, which include parts only. Use this website for Assembly Instructions and information:
___ Hubble at $12.95 ea ___ Galileo at $12.95 ea ___ Mars Global Surveyor at $12.95 ea
___ Lunar Prospector at $12.95 ea ___ Voyager at $14.95 ea ___ Magellan at $14.95 ea

Keck, HGA, Other
___ Keck Telescope Kits

at $17.95 ea.

___ HGA components:
Styrofoam High-Gain Antenna
(already included in Voyager
and Magellan SCI Kits.

at $4.95 ea.

Other (specify):

Shipping and Handling charges
___ FREE First Class Mail in USA ___ $12.50 per order for Priority Mail within USA only. ___ $12.50 per order for shipping to other countries

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After filling out, mail to:

SCI Space Craft International
P.O. Box 61027
Pasadena, CA 91116-7027

Note: You can cut this out, and use it as a mailing label.

Or fax to SCI: 1-626-398-9600.

Processing may take several days longer than online orders. Discount codes are not valid using this form. If paying by check, our bank requires U.S. funds drawn on a bank in the U.S. Also, International Postal Money Orders are fine. Thank you.


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