STL File for 3D Printing Voyager MAG Boom

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3D Print File: Magnetometer Boom for Voyager SCIENCE Kit

Order code: STL-VMAG

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3D-printed Voyager MAG Boom
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This is a photo of a 3D-printed Magnetometer (MAG) Boom for the Voyager Space Craft SCIENCE KIT. The Magnetometer Boom on the Voyager spacecraft is thirteen meters long, but it all was able to fit inside a small cannister during launch; it's very thin material. The spacecraft's boom is made of three very long fiberglass rods with much thinner fiberglass struts holding the long rods together and giving them stability after they were unfurled. Accurate scale models of Voyager have to fail when it comes to the Magnetometer Boom because the parts cannot stand up to Earth's gravitation. Laser-cut paper, which is standard for the Voyager SCI Kit, pushes the limit, and can fail by warping when kept in a humid environment. 3D printing pushes this limit a little farther, representing the key visual features of Voyager's thirteen-meter boom very nicely without being as subject to warping as the paper version.

Click the image for a larger view. You'll see five little snaps fabricated into the plastic; once you have creased the ten hinges to make a triangular-cross-sectioned boom, they grab and hold the shape to make it easy for you to apply glue. The Magnetometer instrument may be painted black if you like. When using two to achieve full-scale length, one Magnetometer instrument correctly appears at the far end, and one mid-boom (there are two more Magnetometers that are represented in laser-cut paper in your SCI Kit model, much closer to the spacecraft bus; Voyager has four of these instruments).

This file, when printed twice and glued to the Voyager SCI Kit during assembly, replaces the yellow laser-cut paper trusswork Magnetometer Boom, which can be seen here.

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    FILE IS 1.84 MB (VgrMAG-7.stl)

Printing Guidelines:

For printing using FDM, this component
only requires a single extruder machine;
no support material is required. Yellow
ABS plastic recommended.


  • Select millimeters, SI units, metric, if your 3D printer asks you.
  • This object may be printed on an 8-inch (20.5 cm) square platform. Under "Object Placement," enter a rotation of 45 degrees about the Z axis, so that the boom will lie diagonally across the platform.
  • Be sure to center the object on the platform, and make sure it fits, before printing.

  • Select 0.10 mm layer thickness (resolution) on your printer or slicer software.
  • Select 25% "fill" on your printer or slicer software.

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