SCIENCE KIT Presentation Guides

Presentation Guides are available online to provide ideas for making a variety of displays using the model, to illustrate the operation of the spacecraft. Uses might include classroom projects, science fair exhibits, club activities, static displays in planetariums and science museums.

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All of the Presentation Guides are available right here online.

Instructions for the Coordinator

Most Presentation Guides start out with a set of instructions for the person who is coordinating a number of other people, such as an instructor, or group leader. Of course, all the displays described in a Presentation Guide may simply be done by one person, rather than in a coordinated effort. Alternatively, some Presentation Guides describe various realistic display ideas without specific tasks for a coordinator.

Support Tasks and Demonstration Tasks

To make it easy for the coordinator, separate tasks are described, each of which may be assigned as an activity for one person or for a small group. Two categories of tasks are provided, the Support Tasks, and the Demonstration Tasks. Support Tasks prepare the components which will be used in displays accomplished by each Demonstration Task. Each Demonstration Task results in a display setup which illustrates a spacecraft operation.

Support Component Diagram

A diagram is shown on the Presentation Guide, illustrating all the components which will be used in the demonstration displays. Components are not to scale, of course. Rather, their sizes are chosen for ease in illustrating concepts.

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