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Voyager Kit Photo
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This is a photo of an assembled Voyager Space Craft SCIENCE KIT. The model is made of 100% recycled card stock (except the high-density styrofoam antenna dish). The black color of much of the model has been lithographed onto the parts, to represent Voyager's thermal control coloring. Near the center of the model you can see a small gold circle. It's made of metal foil bonded to the model part, to represent the gold-covered record which the spacecraft carries on its journey through interstellar space. The silver rectangular grid to the right of the gold record is also metal foil already applied to the model part, to represent the silvery thermal control louver in that position on the spacecraft. Voyager partsThe model's white communications dish (Voyager's High-Gain Antenna) is 4.25 inches (10.8cm) in diameter, and is made of high-density styrofoam. The yellow trusswork boom (Magnetometer Boom), which extends beyond this image's border, is 16 inches (20cm) long. On the spacecraft, this fiberglass boom serves to support instruments which sense magnetic fields in space. Those sensitive instruments must be kept away from the magnetic interference of the spacecraft itself. The boom extending straight out the left side of the spacecraft holds Voyager's power supply. The boom on the right holds several scientific instruments, including Voyager's cameras. These are all explained in the illustrated fact sheet that comes with the kit. To make the smaller image on the right, we scanned some of the Voyager kit's parts with a piece of blue paper behind them, to show the laser-cut detail. You can also see some of the detail in gold and silver bonded metal foil.

The picture at the top of this page cuts off most of its yellow trusswork "magnetometer" boom, in order to show closer detail of the rest of the model. If you'd like to see an overall view of the assembled model, including the full length magnetometer boom, click here.

A Bit of Nostalgia

Bruce Murray holding a Voyager model
In this picture is Caltech Professor Bruce Murray, when he was president of The Planetary Society. He's holding a vintage Voyager Space Craft SCIENCE Kit. This photo was taken in 1989, long before the Voyager kit's major redesign, so it has an old magnetometer boom of less than scale length. It also has a communications antenna dish made of paper (since 1994, the antenna dish has been made of high-density styrofoam for better realism). Photo courtesy of the late Donald Whiting, who founded Space Craft International in 1987 (although in those first days we were known as Neptune Pacific).

Voyager in launch configurationThe assembled Voyager model is about 22 inches (55 cm) overall including booms. Scale approximately 1/30. There are 22 laser-cut parts, and one styrofoam part. It can be assembled in Flight Configuration (as seen above) or in Launch Configuration (see image at right).

Click here to see a nice photo sent by customer Marco Scheloske in Germany of the Voyager SCI kit he assembled, set on a stand of his design.

View the Voyager Kit's Assembly Instructions.

View the Voyager Kit's Fact Sheet.

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Space Craft SCIENCE KITs are designed and made in the U.S.A. using state-of-the-art processes and the highest quality recycled materials.

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