About SCI Space Craft International

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Assembled Voyager Kit SCI came into being in 1987 when Dave Doody wanted to produce a scale model of the Voyager spacecraft lots of people could enjoy. That's the model in the photo. We wanted to share the high excitement of Voyager's discoveries in the outer solar system. So the design had to be detailed and very realistic, yet mass producable and very reasonably priced. Most of all, it had to convey detailed information about the extraordinary space exploring mission. Back then, the actual Voyager-2 had just encountered the seventh planet, Uranus, and was falling toward Neptune. We've since created lots more laser-cut model kits.

Even though "dot-com" business come and go by the hundreds today, SCI's website came online at the birth of the web itself in 1993, and has been offering products online since 1994 (accepting credit-card orders online since 1997), and has been providing these unique products by mail order ever since 1987. Here are some kudos we've received.

You'll find links to NASA centers in these web pages. This doesn't imply that NASA (or anybody else in the U.S. government) endorses SCI's products. They don't do that. However, The Planetary Society does  endorse them, and the Keck Observatory has  approved SCI's Keck Telescope model design!

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