On-line Fact Sheets and Presentation Guides

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Each kit has its own online illustrated Fact Sheet and Presentation Guide with ideas for displays, available from this website.

  • Text from the Voyager kit Fact Sheet
  • The complete Galileo kit Fact Sheet
  • Text from the Magellan kit Fact Sheet
  • The complete HST kit Fact Sheet
  • Text side of the Keck Telescope kit Fact Sheet
  • Text from the Mars Global Surveyor kit Fact Sheet
  • The complete Lunar Prospector kit Fact Sheet

  • All Presentation Guides
  • Also, the complete, illustrated Assembly Instructions are online for the Lunar Prospector kit, Galileo kit, the Mars Global Surveyor kit, the Hubble Space Telescope kit, and the Voyager kit. Have a look, to see what's involved in putting together a Space Craft SCIENCE KIT. You'll probably find they're among the most detailed instructions you'll see for model kits anywhere.

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